Monday 15 May 2023

Carving Out Gags

The propeller on George and Junior's boat propels them over dry land as they chase Lucky Ducky (from the 1948 cartoon of the same name). And it carves out a few things.

First, they go across a log. Oh, for a sign popping up that says “Nice bridgework!”

Then, up a tree and down the other.

Finally, over the face of a mountain. Scott Bradley plays “America the Beautiful” after the last gag.

This short has one brilliant gag (“Technicolor Ends Here”) and a fun visual pun (“School Crossing”) and some routines that vary in inspiration (Rich Hogan helped Tex Avery with the story). The original ending is imaginative but has been shorn from available prints. Read about it here.

Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons, Louie Schmitt and Preston Blair are the animators on this cartoon.

1 comment:

  1. This is probably one of Avery's most imaginative and inspired hunting pictures since Porky's Duck Hunt (both even have fun with the end titles).