Thursday 11 May 2023

No Chicken Tonight

George tells Junior to catch the hen he’s chasing, dunk her in a pot of water, pluck her feathers, then put her in a roasting pan in the oven.

You just know this isn’t going to happen.

Tex Avery has multiples of a running George and a running hen, frames, with a blur drawing in between, all on twos.

You can probably figure out what will happen. Junior grabs the wrong one.

The realisation take.

There’s a running gag of George telling Junior to bend over, then kicking him in the butt to form a different shape every time.

Henpecked Hoboes is not a cartoon that does much for me. I don’t find the “bend over” running gag all that funny and Dick Nelson’s nasally voice for George annoys me. But Box Office magazine deemed the short “very good.”

The animators in this short are Preston Blair, Ray Abrams, Ed Love and Walt Clinton, with Irv Spence handling the character design. His model sheets are dated January 10, 1945. Hoboes was the first MGM cartoon released in the 1946-47 season, on October 26, 1946.

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