Monday, 19 April 2021

Truth is Stranger Than Cartoons

Friz Freleng used Tex Avery’s format and a few of his standard gags in his spot-gag short Sports Chumpions.

He also borrowed Tex’s name.

What’s interesting about “Memorial” is, when this cartoon was released on August 16, 1941, Tex was pretty much gone from Warner Bros. He was under suspension after he and Leon Schlesinger argued about a short, and was hired at MGM in September.

Considering how long it takes to draw, shoot and ship a cartoon to New York for distribution, it’s likely Avery was still at the studio when this background was made, but it’s an interesting coincidence.

Fans of “Monotonous, isn’t it?” and “Mmmm...could be!” will see those gags coming miles away. Mike Maltese wrote the cartoon. My wild guess is Lenard Kester is responsible for this background drawing.

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