Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Mice on an Endless Move

Paul Terry was sure obsessed with two things in the early sound days—mice and cycles. He’s littered Club Sandwich with them.

The year is 1931 and the Terrytoons studio is churning out a cartoon every two weeks, so every cycle helps. Here are two from back-to-back scenes. The first one is ten drawings. Note how the mice at the top of the stairs and the once with the swords don’t move.

This cycle is 13 drawings and it’s slower than in the cartoon. There were some early Terrytoons which included a scene with an interesting layout and this is one of them. How high is that house anyway?

The cartoon also features mechanical horses and a skeleton donkey. Oh, and Farmer Al Falfa being dragged off into the distance as the proceedings end.


  1. Backwards, because we can.

  2. Frank Moser does this scene along with Jose Carreon and Connie Rasinski