Friday, 30 April 2021

The Magic Fluke Background

An opening pan of the nightclub scene off Broadway opens The Magic Fluke, the second UPA cartoon designed for theatrical release. “Club Bobo” is in honour of Bobe Cannon, one of the animators of this 1949 short.

Herb Klynn, Jules Engel and Bill Hurtz handled layouts and backgrounds. The voice of the narrating crow is an uncredited John T. Smith.


  1. There's a FREE Photoshop knock-off: You don't even have to download it. Just use it on the website.

    You can clean up a lot of the drabness caused by time. Everything I tell you refers to the menu that's WITHIN the program, NOT your normal computer menu.

    If you have a file on your desktop, you can go into the program's menu to FILE and OPEN. If you open the Magic Fluke background, go to IMAGE, ADJUST and CURVES. A curves window will pop up. Slide the pop-up window off of your image. There are three squares at the bottom of that window. Click the WHITE SQUARE to activate it. Now find some part of your picture that should be solid white like inside the BOBO lettering. Click in that area. You should see the picture clean up in an amazing way. Click OK in the curves box to keep the adjustment.

    There are other things in IMAGE and ADJUSTMENTS that you might like– such as BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST or HUE/SATURATION that you might experiment with.

    I hope this helps. Enjoy!

    1. OH! and SAVE your adjustments.

  2. There's a MAGNIFYING GLASS tool in the toolbox on the left side bottom. You can use it to enlarge or reduce. If you hover your cursor over a tool, it'll tell you what it is.

    To SAVE, you go to FILE and SAVE AS PSD (Photoshop document) or EXPORT AS.

  3. Here is the BG with some adjustments made to clean up the drabness , as suggested above.

  4. And another slightly different cleaned up version of the BG -