Friday 20 November 2020

Morphing Bandmaster

Krazy Kat slowly but surely becomes a shadow as he conducts his orchestra in The Bandmaster (1930).

Look! He’s now Paul Whiteman!

He turns again. Oooh! Now he’s Charlie Chaplin (as the little tramp).

Is everybody happy? It’s Ted Lewis.

Now, an extended gag. Lewis’ clarinet playing is so hot, the instrument has to fan itself, then uses the handle of the fan as a hose to drink water.

He turns again. I don’t know who this is supposed to be, if anyone.

Ben Harrison receives a story credit, with Manny Gould credited on animation. There are a few off-the-wall Fleischer-like gags here; unfortunately, Charlie Mintz’s cartoons weaned themselves away from that kind of thing.


  1. That last one was supposed to be cross-eyed comic Ben Turpin. Or an unreasonable facsimile.

  2. Yep, I also thought about Ben Turpin when I saw the mixed up eyes. I remember my parents actually had a Ted Lewis album. I believe it was thrown in free with a number of other albums when they purchased the Ol RCA Orthophonic record player. And of course catching his act in Abbott and Costello's " Hold That Ghost ".

  3. I was thinking maybe Bob Burns and his bazooka, but I'll go with Turpin.