Thursday 26 November 2020

Accessories Cost a Bit Extra

Tex Avery once remarked that in spot gag cartoons, his idea was to put the strongest gag at the end, if possible. Evidently it wasn’t possible in Car of Tomorrow (1951).

In fact, Tex and his two gagmen came up with the cheapest ending imaginable. There’s no animation. One drawing fades overtop of another.

Narrator Gil Warren says: “Last, but not, least, here’s something this country has always needed—a good, low-priced car that will fit the working man’s pocketbook. Priced very reasonably. Only $545. Of course, with accessories, it’s a bit higher.”

Fade in the next drawing.

“Good night,” says Warren. And that ends the cartoon.

Even the previous gag involving shaving and the driver tipping his head would have been stronger (and “Good night!” as he tipped would have fit the dialogue). Or maybe adding each outrageous accessory and the cost keeps rising (Henry Morgan did that routine on radio once).

Mike Lah, Grant Simmons and Walt Clinton are the animators.

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