Thursday, 19 March 2020

My Masterpiece

Wile E. Coyote thinks his “masterpiece” can blow up Bugs Bunny. It’s a flying saucer. As usual, Wile E. outsmarts himself by having various selections of animals to choose from.

Perspective animation.

Crafty Bugs uses a disguise. I like how he briefly takes it off when the saucer isn’t looking, then puts it back on when the saucer turns to face him.

Bugs is a few steps ahead of the “Super Genius.”

More perspective animation.

Jones waits 24 frames after the saucer disappears into Wile’s cave before showing the explosion.

End of gag.

This is from Operation: Rabbit, released at the end of 1951.


  1. Hans Christian Brando19 March 2020 at 17:58

    The irony of these latter Bugs outings that pit him against a predator is that by then he had ceased to be a rabbit (UPA had made animal characters passe) and become a tall, rather smug man in a rabbit suit who lived in a hole. But Wile E. was probably a man in a coyote suit, so it kind of evens out after all.

  2. I suppose the 'bird' setting on the saucer was just in case he decided to try and use it against the Road Runner. The Ralph Wolf version of the saucer would probably have had a sheep dog setting.

  3. A true Jones classic - WGN-9 here in Chicago had this short in their post-48 package of WB cartoons and this one was played a lot!!!

  4. And don't forget: MUD spelled backwards is DUM!