Thursday, 5 March 2020

Cactus Rhumba

All kinds of thing spring to life in the Zowie Café in the mind of drunken Muzie Mouse, the star of Juke Box Jamboree, released in 1942 by Walter Lantz.

One of them is a cactus in a pot, which rhumbas with Muzie—a little too close at one point as the mouse leaps off a table and into a new scene.

Muzie isn’t identified by name in the cartoon, but the moniker is mentioned in reviews in at least three trade papers. He has one of those Alex Lovy “one-tooth-split-down-the-middle” designs like Andy Panda. Lovy directed this short, which was nominated for an Oscar. Bugs Hardaway and Chuck Couch wrote the story and La Verne Harding was given the animation credit. Mel Blanc provides the mousey hiccups. Unfortunately, none of the singers were identified, including the woman doing the Carmen Miranda impression, though internet chatter says it is Zedra Conde.

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