Friday, 6 March 2020

Mop Head

In Counterfeit Cat, a cat wears a floppy dog-ear disguise to fool a bulldog to get into a home where a yummy canary lives.

In one scene, the bird steals the disguise. The cat “finds” it—but it turns out to be an old mop instead.

Cut to the dog offering to shake hands (paws). But it realises something is wrong. Then the cat realises something is wrong and tries to rectify the situation.

Director Tex Avery and writers Rich Hogan and Jack Cosgriff aren’t finished with the gag.

The cat sends the dog running out of the scene with one of those obsession gags he uses (the dog buries any bone he sees) and it’s on to the next scene.

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  1. This gag is one of many reasons why Tex Avery was so great.