Tuesday, 19 November 2019

The Eyes Have It

The city wolf keeps covering the country wolf’s eyes to stop him from viewing Red and getting all excited. It’s a failure.

This is from Red’s farewell in Little Rural Riding Hood, animated by Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton, Bob Cannon and Mike Lah (the Red dance is reused Preston Blair animation).


  1. My favorite bit here is when country wolf is whistling, city wolf puts his finger in country wolf's mouth, causing the whistle to travel down his arm and out the city wolf's mouth. The city wolf gives a "what the f.." look to the camera that lasts for a couple frames at most but its hilarious!

  2. In Cartoon Research's Spacey Invaders IV today, they didn't mention Joe Barbera's role in creating Colonel Bleep (before Hanna-Barbera productions was established).