Friday, 8 November 2019

Becoming A Wolf

Tex Avery (and writer Heck Allen) have some old favourites in store for you in Big Heel-Watha (1944). There’s Johnny Johnsen’s scenic background painting with overlays which the camera pans to start the cartoon. There’s the sexy girl wiggling her hips.

You know what that means in a Tex Avery cartoon—a wolf gets overcome with lust and can’t control himself. The variation this time—native Indians turn into wolves (and back).

The natives rush out of the cartoon, leaving behind Big Heel-Watha, who’s an old favourite, too, because he has Droopy’s voice. His bulbous nose will be transplanted onto a pilgrim in Jerky Turkey a year later.

See the teeth and curved upper lip. Ed Love at work. (I imagine Preston Blair did the Princess).

Anyone know whose phone number Hollywood 4-3211 was?

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