Friday 29 November 2019

Stop the Bottleneck!

Something will be going on a Bob Clampett cartoon where suddenly there’s a burst of extreme exaggeration animation.

Here’s an example from Baby Bottleneck (released in 1946). Porky’s looking a little dozy when his machine goes nuts. He’s so startled, he even disappears for a frame (though I suspect that wasn’t intentional).

Porky pulls back the lever to stop the conveyer belt. Clampett used close-up perspective animation in some of his later Warners cartoons which, to me, heightens the oddness of the action. It’s too close.

Rod Scribner, Manny Gould, Izzy Ellis and Bill Melendez are the animators on this short.


  1. It really is amazing to see things like this and then watch modern-day Cartoon Network productions where the characters' lips barely move.

  2. This is Bill Melendez animation.