Friday, 10 August 2018

Cupid's Nose For Love

Poor B.O. Skunk is forlorn after unsuccessfully attempting to romance two female rabbits. But look who appears!

It is a rule in cartoons that skunks smell. The odour is even too powerful for little Cupid (played by Frank Graham), who skids backwards out of the scene and returns with some assistance.

Little ‘Tinker (1948) has all kinds of outrageous takes that you’d expect in a Tex Avery cartoon, a quick string of gags (including several Frankie! ones) and, unusual for Avery, a touching, happy ending. The credited animators are Bill Shull, Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Bob Bentley. Ex-Disney animator Louie Schmitt designed the characters.

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  1. Thanks..wonderful, unusual Avery short. As for that smelly skunk rule, only "Bambi"'s Thumper and Total Television Productions's "King Leonardo"'s "Odie Colonge" (who ALMOST resembled Pepe Le Pew to me!) lack the smell. :)