Tuesday 15 May 2018

Seeing Red (But Only Briefly)

The other day, I was watching Dicky Moe (1962) for some reason and out of nowhere some red stuff briefly appeared on the screen after a quick cut. “What was that?” I said to myself (a question not unusual when this cartoon is involved). So I decided to freeze frame it.

Here are the consecutive shots. Is the red stuff blood? Is it some weird sweat? If so, where is it coming from? Some of it appears to be coming from the eye, some from the top of the nose? And why?

Whatever the red stuff is, it only lasts for two frames. Here are the next two frames.

There’s a clip-clop woodblock accompanying the captain running. Then he kind of looks around, but the same running cadence is played on the woodblock.


  1. Looks like an mimic of the same red n' white graphics you frequently see in Bill and Joe's shorts (especially the later one's) whenever a character is shocked or smaked.

    1. I know Ken Muse used white jagged impact drawings (they looked the same when he went over to Hanna-Barbera) but I don't recall these large tear-drop shapes. I guess I missed them.

  2. I wouldn't be a complete person if I never saw Dicky Moe.