Monday 7 May 2018

Falling Farmer

The Bashful Buzzard is one of those cartoons Bob Clampett fans just love with Rod Scribner and Manny Gould going nuts when handed crazy ideas to animate.

Mamma Buzzard (voiced by Sara Berner) has her offspring bring back anything they can capture for dinner. One of them flies home with a cow—still being milked!

The farmer walks away, then realises something is wrong. He’s in mid-air. Here are some of the drawings that follow.

There are scenes wilder than this. In fact, I thought I had posted frames from my favourite perspective scene in this cartoon but can’t find them. A draught post must have been eaten along the way.

Clampett’s love of radio is evident in this cartoon as he rips off the Mortimer Snerd character from the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy show and gets Kent Rogers to imitate him as the dullard Beaky Buzzard (the last line is a catchphrase from The Great Gildersleeve).

“The Arkansas Traveller” is heard a lot on the soundtrack. Backgrounds are by Dick Thomas.


  1. Not only is Arkansas Traveller featured, but at one point its sister tune "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" is even sung by Beaky...that is, until the baby's mother stings him in the ass. Great stuff, great cartoon.

    1. They're the same tune as far as I know. :-)SC