Tuesday 8 May 2018

How to Hatch a Bull

To the strains of Juventino Rosas’ “Over the Waves” (arranged for marimba), the self-satisfied matador wolf performs a magic trick, making an egg appear from nowhere, then opening it to hatch a bull.

Grant Simmons, Bobe Cannon, Walt Clinton, Preston Blair and Mike Lah are credited with animating Señor Droopy, released April 9, 1949.

Incidentally, Showman's Trade Review of August 6, 1949 reported:
The MGM cartoon department headed by Fred Quimby has made a cooperative ad deal with General Foods, which will issue "flip books" in which the cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, Barney the Bear and Droopy the Hound come alive as a series of cartoons are flipped through the fingers. The "flip books" will be distributed with Grape Nuts Flakes. Half-page ads in the comic strip pages of Sunday newspapers will be used to promote them.


  1. I've already shared the following info elsewhere on this blog, but for those wishing to see the covers of the M-G-M flipbooks, visit


  2. The animation in those flip books was drawn by golden age guys, Ed Love, Ray Patterson, Ken Muse and others. All of it was made just for the flip books, none came from actual production scenes in the cartoons.

  3. This is all Bobe Cannon's animation.

  4. Pretty sure the song isn't MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE, Yowp.

    1. It's not. It's Rosas' "Over the Waves." I'm not sure what I was thinking.