Friday, 9 February 2018

Cow Puncher

“Why haven’t you written about Molly Moo Cow lately?” asked absolutely no one. Well, is there anything more to be said?

Molly had the benefit of animators Jack Zander, Bill Littlejohn, Alex Lovy, Dan Gordon and Carlo Vinci, story guy Joe Barbera, and music by Winston Sharples—but her cartoons still smelled like cow pies.

How’s this for a gag? In Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe, the ocean wave (from the song of the same subject) has fingers—which pick up the beached Molly and then punch her out of the scene. It’s a cow puncher! Get it?

Molly fan(s), now is your time to comment and defend her!

Molly was Van Beuren’s last attempt at creating a starring character. The studio bought the rights to Felix the Cat and the Toonerville Trolley and put them in the Rainbow Parade cartoons until RKO decided to distribute animated shorts from a studio it didn’t part-own (Disney) and Van Beuren shut down in 1936. Molly seems to have sauntered along with some of the Van Beuren animators to Terrytoons as a cow that suspiciously looks like her soon turns up in two shorts there.

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