Tuesday, 25 October 2016


I’m not quite sure why Tex Avery and Heck Allen decided to have the wolf (who raises cattle) put his hat into the air on a stick. It can’t be to see if things are all-clear, as Droopy is still firing bullets at him. So I’ll assume it was just for the sake of a Western gag in “Drag-a-long Droopy.”

Now, the head-shake realisation take. The first drawing is on twos, the rest of the shake is on ones.

Humiliation and disgust.

Bob Bentley and Ray Patterson animate, along with Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Mike Lah.

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  1. The gag itself seems to be an in-joke pointed towards Tex's former animator, Bob Clampett, whose "Time for Beany" puppet show was going strong on KTLA when the cartoon was made, and which had popularized the Beany copter among the kiddos in Southern California and elsewhere in the early 1950s.