Monday, 17 October 2016

The Hands of Avery

Tex Avery’s animators could deliver wild takes, but their animation could be subtle, too. In Daredevil Droopy (released in 1951), the circus owner explains to Droopy and Spike there was only one job open for the two of them. Notice the hands.

Walt Clinton, Mike Lah and Grant Simmons animated the cartoon.


  1. That circus owner looked like he stepped out of a John Sutherland cartoon (specifically, Make Mine Freedom).

    1. Looks like he's a descendant of the same family (crab apple) tree that produced Dudley Nightshade, Dishonest John, Snidely Whiplash, and Dick Dastardly. First time offered a full refund [insert evil laugh here].

    2. The eyes are a bit different. I don't know if George Gordon or Carl Urbano designed those late '40s Sutherland cartoons, but they had their own look.
      Next to Avery's work (and Quick Draw McGraw), I'd love to see the Sutherlands restored and available on home video.