Friday, 23 August 2013

Double Trouble Take

Tex Avery pulls off another huge eye take in “Droopy’s Double Trouble” (released 1951).

Spike sees Droopy and his twin brother Drippy. His jaw drops.

Then his muzzle drops.

Then come the eyes. These are consecutive drawings.

And, naturally, there’s a throbbing eye bulge for just under a second before the take switches.

Mike Lah, Grant Simmons and Walt Clinton get the on-screen animation credits.


  1. Mike must have really liked Bill Thompson's Irish brogue in this cartoon -- it's the only time Avery ever used it, but Lah would trot it out for the rechristened Butch in all of his CinemaScope appearances with Droopy.

  2. This specific wild take was copied in the 1989 Roger Rabbit short "Tummy Trouble" and then AGAIN in the 1997 Animaniacs short "The Brain's Apprentice".