Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dance Floor From The Dance Contest

Here’s another blurry-middle background from a Popeye cartoon, this time from “The Dance Contest” (1934). The blur helps simulate speed when a character is quickly panned across it. The effect works really well.

The great background artists at Fleischers back then were uncredited. A real shame.

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  1. Even before the 3-D turntable camera, the Fleischer crews were trying to get the illusion of depth into the early Popeye backgrounds (and from a story point, this is one of the first Popeyes that really gets playful with a couple of scenes -- you've still got William Costello's gruff braggadocio here, but having Popeye and Bluto very daintily walk through part of the dance/fight routine. It's a first step for opening the door to making Popeye a funnier character that would be completed with Jack Mercer's arrival).