Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tell 'Em Groucho Sent You...For the Reels

You can’t watch early episodes of “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson from New York. Same with the Jack Paar version. Nor can you view many of the bon mots of Paul Lynde and Rose Marie on many of the old “Hollywood Squares.” Why? Because years ago NBC got rid of the shows that were in an old storage facility in New Jersey. They were taking up too much room.

The same fate awaited reels and reels of “You Bet Your Life,” the wonderfully comic not-really-quiz show hosted by Groucho Marx. But it never happened. The programmes were saved because of a phone call. Read the remarkable story here from Groucho’s grandson. Marx fans can be grateful to him. I know I am.

Now if I could only find out which studio did the opening animation for the show (Late note: Mike Kazaleh has the answer in the comments).


  1. Playhouse Pictures did all the animation for "You Bet Your Life" both the openings and the commercials. Some of the artwork was still there when I worked at Playhouse in the eighties, including some cels of the stylized mustache and glasses.