Monday, 4 March 2013

Ali Baba Bunny Backgrounds

Maurice Noble and Phil De Guard get together again for the Bugs/Daffy cartoon “Ali Baba Bunny” (released 1957). It’s known more for “Hassan chop!” and Daffy’s greedy dialogue, but it’s got Jones’ trademarks (multiples of slippers twirling in mid-air when Hassan zooms off, stage left; eyes that stretch out from the eye-whites; Hassan twirling thin, bony fingers like Witch Hazel). And it’s got Noble’s abstract colour schemes that he seemed to like in some of his later work at Warners. Here are some screen shots of the backgrounds constructed and painted by De Guard.

There no clean shots of the backgrounds of two of the best-known Bugs/Daffy visuals in the cartoon, but I’ve posted them anyway.

I still like the Daffy of the late ‘40s better than this Daffy, but you’ve got to laugh at the disgusted way he looks at Bugs and quotes “Ickety ackety oop.”

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