Monday, 25 March 2013

Egypt Tom

A mop and an orange crate turn Tom into an Egyptian in a nice gag in “The Lonesome Mouse” (1943).

Tom is tossed out of the house and scoots down the stairs into the mop and the box.

They land with Tom looking like the Sphynx and the ends of the crate like pyramids. Note how Tom’s feet are exaggerated to add to the effect.

Cut to Jerry capping the gag by doing a little Egyptian-type dance. He butt jerks with a thump at the end.

No animators are credited, just Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera and Fred Quimby.


  1. Interestingly, Fred Quimby did NOT receive screen credit untill 1946, but then again the only thing surviving of the pre-1946 cartoons are reissue prints and good ol' Fred Quimby was defiantly credited on those.....

    & it's still very puzzling why they don't want to release Mouse Cleaning back on the vol.2 set, especially since it was going to have original titles and be very pristine when restored.....


  2. Interesting face poses - similar to Nu, pogodi!, which is often compared with Tom and Jerry because of similar plot and drawing. Similar grimaces was also in old Disney cartoons from 30s, but even at nowadays in Disney comics from Danish Egmont. Best of it is that when Pete or Scrooge take eyes and "camera of comics" take angle of view from side. Thus these eyes looks great

  3. Animation by George Gordon, Ken Muse, Jack Zander, Irv Spence, Al Grandmain, and Pete Burness.