Tuesday, 21 February 2012

That’s Why They Call it A Drooler’s Delight

Let other sites intellectualise about the use and effect of female impersonation in animation. I’d rather just post consecutive frames from one of Woody Woodpecker’s drag acts from “Drooler’s Delight” (1949). The gag’s pretty self-explanatory.

The credits say Ed Love animated this cartoon himself. The director was Dick Lundy, who employs a lot of camera movement in the short. He moves in on a closer shot of the bear-trap in the gag above. Lionel Stander plays Buzz Buzzard to perfection. Bugs Hardaway, who I really dislike as Woody, turns in a decent performance. I don’t know who the mock NBC announcer (we hear three chimes before he speaks) is at the start.


  1. The last few UA Woodys have great personality animation, as Lunday and Hardaway finally hit on an adversary in Buzz that could be to Woody what Yosemite Sam was to Bugs -- the villain you could really beat up on without having the audience feel a little sorry for the guy (Wally Walrus basically being the Elmer Fudd of the equation). The only problem I have with the cartoon is the end, which to me is the first time the studio "shrinks" Woody in the middle of the cartoon, just to make the soda fountain gag work. Paul Smith would annoyingly do that countless times in the 1950s and 60s.

  2. Uh Ben Hardaway was better than Grace stafford. Grace Stafford's voice sounded girlish