Friday, 17 February 2012

Bad Luck Blackie Whitewash

Another take from one of Tex Avery’s greatest cartoons, “Bad Luck Blackie.” This is when the white cat realises he’s no longer black and his power to inflict bad luck is gone. Seven drawings on ones. It goes by so fast, you don’t notice the cat is doing a little dance step.

Grant Simmons, Louie Schmitt, Preston Blair and Grant Simmons are your animators. I’d sure like to know who the assistants were in his unit at the time.

Why, oh why, aren’t Avery’s cartoons on DVD?


  1. As I always say, the Avery MGM cartoons are (mostly) available on commercial DVD. You just have to import the set (pretty cheaply) from France, and be comfortable watching them on a computer (or have a region free player). You don't even need to import Bad Luck Blackie; it's on the Kitty Foyle DVD released this side of the pond.

  2. It's have great gags, yes, but this is not overall great cartoon by any means. It's just the typical Avery.

    I don't think that Escalante worked as ASSISTANT at MGM. Sure, he worked at MGM since 1948, but he aslo worked as FULL animator at Disney on "Dumbo" before.