Tuesday 28 February 2012

Go On And Hiss

Plenty of cartoons were made with characters or things coming right at the audience. It seems that half of the Harman-Ising shorts for Warner Bros. had Bosko or someone running with an open mouth to the camera and “swallowing” it.

Leave it to Tex Avery to do it in reverse in the great “The Blitz Wolf” (1942). Look at the arc on 12 frames.

Animation credits go to Ray Abrams, Irv Spence, Preston Blair and Ed Love. Mark Kausler tells me this is a Love scene.

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  1. Tex tried out the gag three years earlier, with the Talent show MC getting the front-facial tomato in "Hamateur Night". In that case, the splat was more of an effort to build on the gag of the 'To Be Or Not To Be" wolf getting the tomatoes in the kisser from a side shot that came right before it, at the final toss doesn't blot out the rest of the screen the way the tomato tossed at Adolf does.