Thursday, 26 January 2012

Throwing the Bull

“You know what?” says Droopy, sternly. “That makes me mad.” And he proceeds to grab a large toro by the tail and effortless batter him to a bully mash. Tex Avery used the gag with the ridiculing cattle baron (played by Avery) in the really funny “Homesteader Droopy” (1954) but he also did it with the ridiculing bull (also played by Avery) in “Señor Droopy” (1949).

Here’s how Avery handled Droopy swinging the bull around. Six drawings on ones.

And here’s what it looks like. The speed has been slowed down.

The animation in this cartoon was handled by Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons, Mike Lah, Preston Blair and Bobe Cannon. This is the first of six MGM cartoons where Cannon gets a screen credit. He was already back at UPA by the time this cartoon was released. Bill Thompson is Droopy.

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