Friday, 13 January 2012

This Time We Didn’t Forget the Gravy

One of the best-known moments of revenge in animation history.

“Chow Hound” is another product of the mind of writer Mike Maltese. The credited animators in the Chuck Jones unit are Lloyd Vaughan, Phil Monroe, Ken Harris and Ben Washam. Vaughan, Harris and Jones get additional mention in an inside joke in the classified ads. Phil DeGuard painted these from Bob Gribbroek layouts.

“M. Hinkle” has yet to be identified. The only one I can find in the Los Angeles Directory is
“Mary Hinkle.” Considering the character in the cartoon is played by Bea Benaderet, perhaps that’s who it is and Mary worked in ink and paint. Just speculation.

John T. Smith is the voice of the dog who gets the gravy and the zoo curator. Mel Blanc plays the cat, mouse, Vaughan and Harris.


  1. After the cartoon, "No Parking Here," oddly, John T. Smith seems to be vanished from the face of the Earth after 1954.

  2. Animation history has not been kind of John T. Smith. After all, history has not been kind of John T. Smith. I am sorry that John T. Smith's career was very cold. After the cartoon "No Parking Here," John T. Smith's trail turns cold.

  3. Yes, that was Mary Hinkle. In Treg Brown's December 1950 "Warner Club News" column, "What's Up, Doc?", he mentions Mary as leaving the studio that month.