Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ringing in The New Year in Comics, 1905

January 1, 1905 was a Sunday and the Atlanta Constitution published its usual Sunday comics that day. All of them had a new year flavour. Most of them are long forgotten.

Jimmy Swinnerton got the majority of the space. His “Jimmy” took up a full page and had its own masthead. “Katy” was yet another of Swinnerton’s comics.

I would hope the Katzenjammer Kids need no introduction. Remarkably, it is still being drawn today.

Frederick Opper wrote “And Her Name Was Maud!” No, this isn’t a comic starring Bea Arthur. The title character is a donkey. This may be Opper’s least-known comic. He was the creator of “Happy Hooligan” and “Alphonse and Gaston.” You see Happy below.

“Foxy Grandpa” was from the pen of Charles E. Schultze. He used “Bunny” as a pen name, probably to avoid confusion with Charles Schulz, whom he psychically knew would be born 17 years later and become a cartoonist.

Lulu and Leander was drawn by H.M. Howarth.

You can click on any of them to enlarge them.

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