Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yuletide Bugs

Bugs Bunny tries to sell a Christmas tree at the last minute to Elmer and Filbert Fudd in this Sunday comic from December 24, 1961.

The comic strip Bugs took a bit of a different approach than the cartoons. Bugs seems to have had a variety of small businesses. Sylvester was a mooch who called everyone “Guv’nor” for some reason. Petunia Pig was a regular character, long after her film career ended. And new characters were invented, such as Filbert in this cartoon.

My knowledge of the comic strips is non-existent, but I believe Ralph Heimdahl drew this. The strips through part of the ‘40s actually bore the “signature” of Leon Schlesinger. About the only thing he could draw was Draw Poker.

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