Thursday, 22 December 2011

Woody Plays Santa

Woody Woodpecker turns a moose into a reindeer and himself into a sleigh-riding Santa as he gets set to dupe Wally Walrus in "Ski For Two" (1944). The moose has a look of horror as he realises he’s going to slide face-first into a chimney on an icy roof. Woody, of course, doesn’t care. After all, he says, “I’m re-pulsive!”

Don Williams and Grim Natwick have the animation credits in this cartoon; Thad Komorowski points out Don did this scene. The best part of the cartoon isn’t the animation, which is pretty basic, but the camerawork. We see the approaching Swiss Chard Lodge from Woody’s perspective as he skis down the hill; the camera jigs to the right and left as it trucks in on the background drawing. And there’s another scene where the camera moves along with Wally’s hand as he grabs food to stuff himself.

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