Sunday 25 December 2011

Presents of the Stars, 1963

Mary Livingstone sure had a hard time keeping thieves away from her jewellry. This is at least the third newspaper story where she’s been robbed of it (the first one I found was in 1930).

Let’s see what people in radio and TV got for Christmas in 1963 in this December 25 story from United Press International. Could this be an early sign of Dean Jones’ love for the Love Bug?

What Santa Claus Brought to Movieland
HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Merry Christmas!
Movieland’s stars were busy this Christmas morning opening gifts of travel tickets to vacation resorts, jewels, art work and glamorous clothes.
Dennis Weaver presented his wife with a painting, “Portrait of a Little Girl.”
June Lockhart, her husband and their two children took a 10-day holiday vacation in Mexico.
Ben Gazzara gave his wife an antique emerald and gold necklace with matching earrings.
They also went to New York for a white Christmas.
Patti Page bought her year-old daughter Kathleen a poodle.
Chuck Connors gifted his wife Kamala Devi with a Dior dress, perfume and a two-week fishing trip to Mexico. She’s not expected to wear the new gown while trolling for fish however.
Edie Adams outfitted her three daughters for the new year. Under their tree the girls found nighties, dresses, robes, coats, sweaters, and jewelry. Edie also gave them books.
Nat (King) Cole’s wife, Maria, received a jade necklace.
David Niven, who has a home in Switzerland, gave his wife Hjordis a mink-lined ski outfit. Mrs. Niven already has broken her leg once while skiing. If she has another accident it’ll be a first-class spill.
Joseph Cotton’s wife surprised him with five 18th century Italian figurines.
Jack Palance presented his wife with a set of Venetian glass stemware and a Venetian glass, hand-finished chess set.
Monty Hall gave his wife an original Grandma Moses painting.
Art Linkletter packed his family off to Hawaii where they’ll spend the holiday on a beach.
Stewarts to Ski
Jimmy Stewart bought his wife, Gloria, and their four children ski outfits. The family will spend Christmas at a ski resort in Aspen, Colo. It’s not certain whether Jimmy will take to the slopes.
Dean Jones bought himself a different kind of a present. It’s a specially-constructed car used for racing over sand dunes.
Bill Dana is the foster parent of a 12-year-old Italian girl. He sent her a wardrobe and cash to spend on presents for her mother and two younger brothers. The family lives in a small town in central Italy.
George Gobel shopped for jewelry this Christmas. His wife Alice was surprised to find a four-carat diamond ring under the tree.
Clint Walker gave his wife a motor-bike. Clint already owns one. Now they'll be able to buzz along the road together.
Jack Benny bought jewels for his wife, Mary Livingstone, replacing some stolen recently.

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