Tuesday 25 April 2023

A Title On the Ocean Wave

Hugh Harman and his staff came up with a unique way to open one 1931 Bosko short.

Bosko Shipwrecked! opens with animated lightning and then credits fading in. There’s the sound of wind in the background.

The letters become like descended surf and the setting soon reveals Bosko’s ship being tossed in the ocean.

Bosko, his ship and his mate are tossed around for a good two minutes of barely-gagged action (there’s an all-too-typical butt-pain gag) to the sounds of J.S. Zamecnik’s “Storm Music No. 10.” When Bosko washes up on shore until the lion shows up, the mood drastically shifts and we hear “Happy Little Tune” by Max Rich and Tot Seymour. Listen to a version of it below.

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