Tuesday 7 March 2023

Cat, Paper, Scissors

The Cat That Hated People (from the cartoon of the same name) meets up with a disembodied hand with scissors chasing a piece of people and trying to cut it.

The paper runs past the unnamed cat. The hand changes its target.

Director Tex Avery uses four drawings of the cat and four more for the scissors. They’re not in a cycle; Avery uses them at random. A couple of extra hands appear.

Handiwork displayed. Gag over. On to the next one.

Walt Clinton, Louie Schmitt, Bill Shull and Grant Simmons received animation credits. Schmitt made the model sheets. Pat McGeehan stars as the cat in this 1948 short.


  1. I've longed to find out who originated this "Wackyland" idea. It may have been Tex; the first of these types look like the Oswald toon Mars, which he was an animator on.

    1. The whole concept of Wackyland, and
      all cartoony antics for that matter, originated from the surrealist movement which was as chaotic as Jazz, the very form of music that defined classic cartoons.