Friday, 23 July 2021

Cartoon Outline

The Last Mouse of Hamelin starts with an interesting premise—suppose the Pied Piper didn’t remove all the mice from Hamelin. Suppose a music-hating mouse plugged his ears and stayed behind.

This Terrytoon itself isn’t that great, though it borrows an explosion/outline gag that Tex Avery liked. The cats are battling each other for the one lone mouse to eat. In this scene, a cat substitutes a stick of dynamite for the mouse as it is about to be eaten by another cat. Cut to the next scene where the newly-fed cat explodes, leaving just an outline. No matter, he strolls around a building and out of the cartoon.

We don’t just get the Terry Splash™. We get the Terry Sewer Splash™.

Connie Rasinski directed this 1955 release. Dayton Allen is the Germanic narrator.

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