Thursday 27 August 2020

Something's Kosher Here

The Army, the Navy and Buffalo Bill Cody come to the rescue of Tom and Jerry in Redskin Blues (1932). Cody’s there because T. & J. are in the Old West and have been tied to stakes by Indians.

Cody ropes the Indian Chief.

Oy! A Jewish Indian! (This is an era when they populated vaudeville).

The chief opens up a box.

What’s this? A mouse, you say? The gag here is that Buffalo Bill Cody is afraid of a mouse.

Well, actually, everyone is afraid of the mouse. The cavalry, etc. makes a hasty in one of many bits of cycle animation which litters this cartoon.

John Foster and George Stallings get the “by” credit this time and Gene Rodemich comes up with a lot of snare drum and xylophone music.

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