Tuesday 13 August 2019

Crazy, Darn Fool Duck

It’s another glorious moment in a Warner Bros. cartoon. Porky Pig pulls out the script for the cartoon and protests to Daffy Duck that what just happened on screen wasn’t in it.

“Don’t let it worry you, skipper,” replies Daffy. “I’m just a crazy, darn fool duck!” Daffy crosses his eyes for the moment that he says “crazy.”

Daffy proves it by woo-hooing and bouncing across the water, disappearing into the background.

You think Buddy did anything like this? Or a little Dutch plate? Or Beans the cat? Naw. Tex Avery is here to show us how a funny cartoon is made.

Porky's Duck Hunt was released in 1937. Virgil Ross and Bobe Cannon get the rotating animator credits.


  1. I really miss the black and white " Looney Tunes ". By the mid to late eighties, they became rarer and rarer on broadcast television. You are right. Some great stuff

  2. The other thing here is Joe Dougherty could never have delivered the "That's not in the script" line the way Mel did and have the same comic impact. Blanc taking over Porky's voice, as well has handling Daffy, and Avery (and Jones) redesigning Porky by slimming him down were the two other major changes in this cartoon that pointed the studio away from six minute time fillers to something special.

  3. IIRC, to end that scene, Tex told animator Bob Clampett to have Daffy exit "funny". Leave it to Bob. ;>

  4. Ah yes, Bob Clampett's classic ending to a Tex Avery cartoon is absolutely beautiful! In fact, I'll take this opportunity to ask a question: The answer to this will be easy for most of you, but being blind doesn't allow me to o this research on my own. Just what is the perverse "joke" animated into Daffy's beak somewhere in "THE GREAT PIGGGGY BANK ROBBERY"? Is this just something that John Kricfalusi is reading into the visual, or does this really exist? Oh, and I'm not sure that there aren't occasional inuendos somewhere in BUDDY cartoons, but hey, I do enjoy them on their own level.