Monday 19 August 2019

Butt Walk

The story of Rock-a-Bye Bear (1952) is one Tex Avery used several times: character A does something to get character B to make noise to wake character C, prompting character B to go far enough way where can make the noise without disturbing character C.

One routine involves Spike’s little dog rival dropping stuff from a cabinet. Spike stops it all from crashing. Next comes the old pepper gag.

Spike is forced to do a butt walk to head into the distance. We don’t see him sneeze. We hear it and see the aftermath; all the stuff he was carrying flies up into the air from behind a ridge.

Now it’s back for the next gag.

Rich Hogan and Heck Allen get story credits. This was Avery’s last cartoon before he took an extended leave starting in May 1950; Hogan quit the studio at that point.

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  1. I liked those "going a distance to get out of earshot" gags on MGM cartoons; also the use in at least one of them of TICKLE torture. XD!