Monday 17 June 2019

Not the "Lumps" Gag!

“One or two lumps?” says the spy with an Eastern European accent to Boston Quackie. Yeah, you know where this gag’s going.

Quackie asks for three lumps and gets three, even though the spy only hits him twice.

Boston Quackie is a really weak send-up of the radio show Boston Blackie, starring Daffy Duck in the title role. Writer Tedd Pierce couldn’t be bothered to think of a parody name for Blackie’s girl-friend Mary. Quackie’s girl is named “Mary” in this cartoon. His pun on Inspector Farraday is “Inspector Faraway.”

The TV version of Boston Blackie with Kent Taylor was in reruns when this cartoon was released in 1957. Bob McKimson directed with George Grandpre, Ted Bonnicksen, Keith Darling and Russ Dyson animating; Dyson was dead by the time the cartoon hit theatres.


  1. The "Instant Girl" gag at the end was about the only highlight of the short (and does have Tedd Pierce's sensabilities stamped all over it).

  2. Not one of Pierce's or McKimson's best - I do like the "Instant Girl" closing gag and the Daily Noose (Daily News) pun.

  3. Best use of the "lumps" gag was perhaps in "Rabbit's Kin."
    Seems like Bob McKimson was always doing the TV parodies - was he watching more TV than Chuck and Friz? Boston Blackie had more of a history, beginning in Jack Boyle's books, then to movies, radio and TV.