Monday 24 June 2019

He's Toinin Plaid

Hubie’s way ahead of Bert in playing mind games on Claude Cat in The Hypo-Chrondri-Cat. Hubie has to slam Bert around to get him to catch on after pointing at the cat and saying “He’s toinin’ green.”

I like the disgusted look on Hubie’s face when Bert gets wise and declares that Claude is turning green.

Director Chuck Jones has the colours appear in Claude’s eyes before he changes colour. First, green, then purple, then plaid. (Carl Stalling has “The Campbells Are Coming” accompany the last gag).

The story’s by Mike Maltese with animation by the Jones usuals of 1949—Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughan, Ken Harris and Phil Monroe.


  1. "Don't overdo it."

    Chuck and Mike were really into both head games and wild dream sequences about this time, since Cluude's images are similar to the unsettling ones Porky has to deal with in "Wearing of the Grin".

  2. Put this alongside the colorful changes of irritation and pain endurance the dog has to go through to hide his urge to scratch in "AN ITCH IN TIME", the Bob Clampett classic. The look of that dog changing color as he rolls about on the ground always looked so strange to me, even in grainy black and white, which is how I'd seen this cartoon years ago.