Friday, 8 February 2019

When My Ship Comes In Backgrounds

No rodents or insects jump in and make an aside comment. Furniture doesn’t sing. No, Betty Boop’s When My Ship Comes In (1934) is a pretty dull affair, with a long scene of Betty doing little but squirming around while listening to a radio.

Here are some of the background drawings in the cartoon. The radio sounds a parody of the NBC chimes to start the cartoon.

A nice exterior shot. Betty and the stream flows are animated.

The background artist isn’t credited. Myron Waldman and Hicks Lokey are the credited animators.


  1. This was one of the Bettys from right around the time the ban hammer came down from the new Hays Office on the gags that had made her previous cartoons so unique. Waldman sort of connected with Pudgy a few cartoons earlier (at least as far as merchandising goes), and Dave Tendlar's unit would come up with Grampy, but you can see the flailing here and in some of the other 1934-35 efforts in trying to figure out what Ms. Boop could do if sex no longer could be overtly part of the cartoon.

  2. Erich Schenck was in charge of backgrounds at Fleischer at the time. Could be his work.