Thursday, 20 December 2018

Swallow the Presents

As “Jingle Bells” jumps along in the background, Santa drops presents from his airborne sleigh in the 1932 Terrytoon Toyland.

My favourite part is how a chimney grows hands and a face, “swallowing” the present and then waving thanks to St. Nick.

The gift doesn’t look like it tastes very good, does it?

The cartoon’s pretty ordinary to me but Film Daily, in its edition of December 10, 1932, called it “a pip”:
A swell cartoon for the Holiday season. A Paul Terry-Toon that is one of the best of this popular line. There is a funny li'l pup as the hero that they ought to be able to build up to the popularity of Mickey Mouse. He's that cute. The Pup has a visit from Santa Claus, and the little kittens, his guests, grab the presents and have a wonderful time. One clever sequence shows all the characters of the Nursery Rhymes coming down the chimney and doing their stuff. The kids should go nuts over this one. A natural for the Holidays that you're a sucker to overlook.
Sorry, Film Daily, but the pup didn’t quite reach Mickey’s heights.

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