Monday, 5 November 2018


Who says there’s nothing worth watching in a Buddy cartoon? How about these perspective drawings in Buddy’s Bearcats when the ticket seller at the baseball park tries to haul back in an obese customer?

Even better quality screen grabs wouldn’t save this 1934 cartoon. One gag is a guy watching the ballgame through a knothole in the fence swaying his butt for, well, who knows why? A wiener dog comes up against him and lets the guy’s wagging butt scratch his back.

Jacob Henry Ellis’ 1921 song “The Drum Major” is heard behind the ticket seller scene. Norman Spencer’s score also includes: “Out For No Good” from the 1934 Warners’ feature 20 Million Sweethearts (during the aforementioned rear end scene and elsewhere), “Hit Me Again” (A. Wrubel), “The Campbells Are Coming” and what I guess is a Spencer original song during scenes selling hot dogs and pop, and announcing the starting battery.

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