Thursday, 7 June 2018

Woo Hoo!

It’s always fun to see Daffy Duck bouncing around going “Woo Hoo!” He started out that way but as time went on the Warners directors and writers took him in other directions.

But he still does it in a scene in Frank Tashlin’s The Stupid Cupid (1944). Here are some of the drawings. I like the yellow and black brush lines to indicate movement.

The Independent Film Journal liked the cartoon, remarking in its edition of December 9, 1944: “Built around a novel idea it contains a goodly quantity of laughs and is suitable for a spot on any program where a bit of comedy is desired.”

Izzy Ellis, Art Davis and Cal Dalton were animating for Tashlin at the time of this cartoon, but the credits no longer exist on Blue Ribbon versions in circulation.


  1. We still got some 'Woo Hoos' from Daffy going into the mid-1950 in efforts by the McKimson unit, but with nowhere near the same type of unbridled free-movement animation.

    1. You mean "Quack Shot?" It's an interesting short as both Daffy and Elmer are victims. It was written after Pierce left for UPA, if I recall.

  2. The amateur Tashlin expert in me wants to say this is Dick Bickenbach's animation. It seems quite Freleng-esque and the movement and drawing isn't as angular as the other animators (except maybe Cal Dalton, who's very recognizable in his own right).

  3. really cartoony animation

  4. Yes, the era of the physically maniacal Daffy was my favorite. Lived up to his name.