Friday 29 June 2018

Rover is Carmen Miranda

Bugs Bunny was Carmen Miranda in Slick Hare (1947). Daffy Duck was Carmen Miranda in Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943). But before both of them was Rover in Porky’s Pooch (1941).

Rover uses the routine that the Chuck Jones unit put into Charlie Dog several years later: Porky Pig ain’t got no dog and Rover ain’t got no master. At one point, Rover tries to impress his potential new owner by grabbing a table cloth, swirling it around him like a skirt, and then turning into Carmen Miranda when a bowl of fruit that had been on the table lands on his head.

Rover, as Carmen, sways and sings “Mi Caballero” by M.K. Jerome and Jack Scholl from the 1940 Warner Bros.’ feature Torrid Zone.

The angry Porky is having none of this and hauls Rover out of the scene. Porky looks awfully large.

Warren Foster wrote the story (Mike Maltese and Tedd Pierce wrote the first Charlie Dog short) for director Bob Clampett. Izzy Ellis is the credited animator.


  1. This is Cal Dalton's animation, Yowp.

  2. From the period in 1941 where Clampett slowed down the pacing of his cartoons to focus more on story construction, as his unit tried to make the transition from all B&W cartoons to sharing responsibility for the color Merrie Melodies and the B&W Looney Tunes with the other three units. At no point before or after this period could a Clampett cartoon be remade almost point-to-point in some spots by Chuck Jones seven years later and have it feel like a Jones cartoon (the main changes being the more cynical ending Maltese and/or Pierce came up with, and the regular backgrounds, instead of the mid-1930s B&W stills Clampett used for his short).