Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Word Association

There are some pretty clever visualisations, even making old groaner puns funny, in Tex Avery’s Symphony in Slang (released in 1951). And there are some that, well, just don’t work for me.

Tex and gagman Rich Hogan try not one but two word visualisations. They’re the weakest ones in my estimation.

Tom Oreb’s designs really help this cartoon. The “raining cats and dogs” and “cat got your tongue” gags could be cringingly bad but the animals are amusingly drawn so the gags work. I still laugh at the cat even though I know the gag is coming. Why Oreb went to MGM and why he only worked on one cartoon (that anyone knows of) is, perhaps, a mystery. His work is great.


  1. One of those cartoons I could watch every day and never tire of it.

    The held drawings and limited animation always cause me to think of it as a "hepcat" version of Crusader Rabbit.

  2. I was up against it, but I carried on....

    I actually use these two screen cap gags as memes in my emails. One of my all time favorite cartoons.