Friday, 3 June 2016

Stand Back, Musketeers!

So much has been written over the years about the great cartoon Duck Amuck, you probably don’t want to read anything from me. So, instead, we bring you the opening title. Whether Don Foster was responsible, I don’t know. We’ve snipped it together as best as we can, though the lettering is on an overlay which shifts at one point during the pan down the drawing.

By the way, the music over the titles is a Carl Stalling original.


  1. The lettering and Stalling's music hearken back to Jones' "Rabbit Hood" from a few years earlier, except those titles used the standard dissolve from main title to animation to director's credit, and of course, the titles fit with the theme of the entire cartoon. The titles here were more of a head-fake to the audience by Chuck and Mike on what the cartoon was actually about.

    1. The same Gothic font would make a reprise again in 1955's Beanstalk Bunny.