Tuesday, 14 June 2016

No Good Humor

“Dixieland Droopy” (released 1954) is a typical Tex Avery cartoon. He and writer Heck Allen set up a premise then pull of a string of gag variations on it.

In this cartoon, Droopy wants to “conduct” a record of Dixieland music, so he keeps substituting sedate music for his screeching LP.

One gag features a Good Rumor truck with its usual tinkling music inviting kiddies to come and buy some of its cool wares. Droopy switches the little bell-like tones playing “Sing a Song of Sixpence” for his swinging jazz. The truck reacts. The Ed Benedict-designed driver reacts to the reaction. Avery’s timed the scene so the background continues to pan. There’s one in-between, an extreme is held for four frames, then another in-between for a frame, another four-frame extreme and so on.

The truck races off screen into a brick wall. The driver kicks Droopy out of the scene and it’s on to the next gag.

Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons and Mike Lah are the animators in this cartoon, with backgrounds by Joe Montell.


  1. Coming from N.O., I always marveled at this film, and remember fondly when CBS aired it in the 60s. You knew, even as a wee tot, this film had a total different style, and model charts!

  2. Although the early MGM CinemaScope cartoons tended to keep all of their action within the standard Academy ratio, it would be nice to finally get an uncropped version of this, especially since it's Avery's only widescreen cartoon (only the titles at the start and finish are in widescreen on the WHV Droopy DVD set released about a decade ago).

  3. Great one. I always liked the surprise ending (regarding the narration)......"well the turth, you see, about the flea"...I'll stop there!